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Computing software tools and languages are continuously evolving and we take pride that every year we shall make mandatory investment in our development team players skills development. Following is table of skills, which we have acquired, in position of Project Managers, Systems Analysts, Programmers, Multimedia Developers, Graphic Designers, Art Directors and Quality Control Analysts & Configuration Specialists.

Programming and Scripting Web Technologies
  • C#
  • VB .NET, Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • Java
  • JavaScript , VBScript
  • C/C++
  • ColdFusion/Perl


RightSquare PHP development team delivers dynamic solutions for various clients needs. Our services include database-driven website development, application development ongoing technical support and consultations after application is deployed.

Employing time and cost saving advantages that open source technologies offer, RightSquare specialists use LAMP development platfrom to provide our clients with flexible and efficient applications that possess high integration and compatibility capacities. Depending on client specific requirements RightSquare PHP team is ready to develop any LAMP-based application, from considerably small website to complex integrated system involving both web applications and stand-alone software units

Our LAMP development specialists are also ready to integrate the newly developed software product with legacy applications or migrate them from one platform to another if business needs of our clients require this.
RightSquare’s PHP Services Span:

Database-driven website development
Custom web application development
Web integration
Web maintenance
Multimedia solutions
Content Management Systems Development

Microsoft .NET 

RightSquare specialists fully employ the advantages of .NET Framework interoperability with other sources of data, applications, systems and programming languages to choose development means that are most suitable to the client’s needs. We invest our time and effort to thorough investigation of the client’s business requirements and leverage our .NET programming expertise to enable rapid, error-free application development.

RightSquare .NET development team has over 4 years of experience in software programming using various Microsoft development environments (C#, ASP .NET, VB .NET, WinForms and others). We employ experienced software development professionals (including Microsoft Certified specialists) who are ready to invest their knowledge to development and enhancement of solutions that we offer to our clients.

As the result, RightSquare delivers comprehensive application solutions focused on solving specific business problems and yet scalable for continuous business growth.

RightSquare .NET Services Span

NET stand-alone and web based application development
Migration of both desktop and web applications to .NET platform
NET custom software development
Legacy .NET applications updating, enhancement and support
Mobile applications development (based on .NET Compact Framework)
NET application development consulting
Please contact us to learn more about our .NET development services.


Having a full range of enterprise-class services to rely on and using modular, component-oriented architecture of J2EE technology, RightSquare Java programming specialists concentrate on writing the business logic of applications focused on the clients’ needs instead of spending time and efforts at single-source development. This allows RightSquare to shorten development cycle, reduce time and costs, and increase the portability and scalability of provided solutions.

RightSquare specialists give fullest attention to the client’s technical requirements for application structure and functionality and are ready to bridge other programming languages via web services, CORBA, JNI, or the JCA into J2EE solution if needed.

RightSquare Java/J2EE Services Span

Web application development using J2EE frameworks
Application migration to Java/J2EE
Migration of application servers
Java custom software product development
Java application development consulting
J2ME development
Please contact us to learn more about our Java/J2EE development services
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